Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy 2010!

Happy Happy New Year.

I started the new year with the resolution of keep doing what I like, and even if I have to slow down to keep it manageable I will. Things seem little better and I think after all I can make this more efficient and pleasant. If I give up on this project I give up on myself and everything I have worked for in these past few years and all that time I dedicated to it would it be wasted.
I am looking forward to get back in the kitchen and make the 2010 first production.
Also I want to start on my Valentine's Day collection.
It will be Hearts chocolates in different colors, decorations and flavors, very cute and fun.
So back to the drawing board, slimming down few things to make life easier and work more fun.
I am going to stick to my main collection and add few flavors seasonally.

So the list will be mostly like this:

Sea salt Caramel
Caffe' Corretto
Imperial Stout
Masala Turtles
Brandy Vanilla
White Russian
Deep Cover
Maple (Fall and Winter Only)
Pumpkin (Fall, Thanksgiving)
Peaches & Cream (If Colorado Peaches are available)
Pear Cardamom (If Colorado Pears are available)

I wanted to try out Foodzie but I might decide not to ship chocolates for now, only in store orders and pick up, at the Glacier. Also Cheese Importers.
We will see what the year will bring and make changes accordingly.

I hope everybody had a great year and even a better one in 2010!

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