Tuesday, January 5, 2010

New web site

I am having some fun, with the help of Joomla, building my web site. I spent the weekend modifying pictures and inserting articles in the page.

Right now I am also busy getting all the paperwork done for the new year and I am starting to feel like that lady in the E-Myth, a very useful and fun book for small entrepeneurs very enjoyble to read, especially when you know you have been there before and what it feels like it!

Anyway, the thing is that running  a small business all by your sefl when you actually have to physically make the products, can be little bit owervhelming.

But I do feel positive right now and I am exited to do my new Valentine's production. It will be similar to the one I did last year, with hearts decorated in different ways for each flavor. I will have White Russian, Sea Salt Caramel, Raspberry, Passion Fruit (if I can get the puree'), Gianduja, Amaretto and something maybe one more flavor, like a surprise one.
My friend Cinzia at the Left Hand Brewery here in Longmont, asked me to make some chocolates for Valentine's Day, we did this last year and was a success. Also she mentioned two night in Febraury as well, were they are organizing a beer and chocolates tasting, something that they do often, I might attend to these two events to present myself and the chocolates as well as little bit of information on the chocolate itself.
This would be a very good chance to make new contacts and get back on the horse.

I will post the dates and details on the website as soon as possible.

Meanwhile I am gathering some recipes I will like to post here soon.

Next I think will be my Chai cake.


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