Saturday, April 30, 2011

Super easy yummy recipe for MeatlessMonday and anyother day vegan

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Chocolate making!

As I have mentioned a while back, I was playing with the idea of making my own chocolate, the main reason was to create a vegan milk and white chocolate as well as flavored chocolates.
Finally I have gather the courage to order everything I need to start the production. Ofcourse it will start as a small production mostly for my Vegan line, but eventually i will use my own chocolate for all of my confections.
No need to say that I am extremely excited about this, and even though I have limited time available to do anything else, I just can't help my self in doing so!
My first attempt will be vegan "milk chocolate", I have been dreaming of turning all my signature chocolates, that have been in production for now more than 5 years, vegan. Not sure how that will work my customers especially my wholesale ones, but I will make sure not to leave anyone disappointed, or at least I will try.
For now I am going to have fun while following my dream.
Happy Easter :-)