Sunday, January 24, 2010

Slowing down!?

I am glad I started the production with plenty of time. I was forced to slow down by a major tooth/head ache due to an infection, that is making me miserable. Going to take care of it this week, hopefully it will fix the problem.

So now I do need to focus on the production for the Left Hand Brewery order. They are having a Beer/Chocolates pairing events, on the 1st, 14th and15th of February. Three different type of chocolates to pair with three beers.

I should have all the Hearts done by this week, White Russian, Passion Fruit and Amaretto are already done, the first batch at least, I hope I am going to need more!! :-).

I also feel the need to slow down a bit to try to enjoy my two little boys, sometimes we run run run and forget to stop and smell the flowers. I miss them, I miss the luxury I had with my first son, of working part time (I just got here from Italy) and it felt like we did lots of things together. I used to go on a stroll every day with baby Mason and enjoy it so much. With William unfortunately I dont have that luxury and honestly I dont have the energies, or I do but they come and go. I think this is something that every parents have to go thru, especially if both have to work full time and opposite shifts!

Better not complain though at least we have a job, a roof on our heads and food, there is much much worse out there, and we are after all very blessed indeed.

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