Monday, November 30, 2009

Time for a break!

After a year of little sleep and lot to do, I am in desperate need for a break. This Saturday my little one turns 1 year, we are celebrating his first B-day in Michigan with the paternal grandparents, or at lest the half of it!
I am so burned out mentally that I don't even feel like going anywhere even if that means vacation. But every parent knows that there is no real vacation, a resting vacation that is, with small children. We are leaving tomorrow and I am not even packed or even organized! I should have made more chocolates before the trip but not enough time, there is that small thing called "job" that often gets in my way, but it would really stinks if I didn't have that now would it?!
So I can't complaint, only vent. I seriously need a break to gather my thoughts, new ideas or even elaborate old ones, trying to figure out what I would like to do when I am all grown up! Ah! Ah! Ah!
Rigth now I don't feel like thinking, or planning or make decisions on how when and what, I just hope I can sleep a lot, don't do much and sleep some more, enjoy family, which doesn't happen often here, savor my father in law exceptional food and give my boys the chance to be the center of the attention and not have to deal with their tired boring parents for a change. Not that we don't try to be entertaining, but I guess working parents can only be entertaining so much.
I am also working on my website, I am hoping to be able to dedicate it more time to finish it and have all the features I need. I have to get some new pictures of the chocolates and the other confections, I would really love to pick a custom package with logo and all, but that could wait, if I can have the rest done its already a good start.
Well I am really looking forward to see my little one face when he'll sees the cake, and no I am not baking it!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Sunday's Breakfast: French Toasts

Ahh Finally Sunday. A day off from work and my chance to do what I like the most; Baking and making breakfast for my family.
Yesterday evening I whipped a nice batch of Challah from Hamelman book "Bread", I made few small modification to the recipe, since it is very forgiving and very very easy to execute. Honey instead of sugar and little bit more than the recipe calls for because I like it sweeter and butter instead of oil, in this case I didn't have any neutral flavored oil in the house. I breaded and instead of baking it in free form like I did the first time I tried the pan loaf method. It came out incredible, very tasty and the smell, oh the smell is enticing. The loaf shape works better for making French Toasts and sandwiches.

And there they are ready to be devoured. We used fresh Chantilly ( lightly sweetened whipped cream) instead of the butter and plenty of powdered sugar, some real maple syrup is very welcome as well. While I was eating I thought that some whipped butter would be great with the addition of maple syrup to make maple butter, instead of the Chantilly of course!
My husband asked me if this bread was hard to make and when I said that was incredibly easy he said "oh well make a bunch then I will eat it all!!" Ah.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Seasonal Marshmallow Lollipos

I have already mentioned how much I love to make marshmallows.
I have decided to start producing Marshmallow Lollipops, in shapes and flavors related to each season. The first time I came out with marshmallow lollipops was for Valentine's Day show in Fort Collins and the lollipops went fast.
Best sellers I would say.
For this fall winter season I am making;
Pumpkin pie, Apple caramel, PB&J, Gingerbread and Mint.
Each flavor has its own shape and decoration. I think they are fun and yummy and easy pick for gifts or even stocking stuffer.

I will also offer single piece chocolate boxes, that are perfect as tree ornament, since they have a little loop to tie a string on for easy hanging, or stocking stuffer.

The chocolates collection is pretty much the same, but during the holidays I usually offer few different flavors such as;
Gingerbread, Mint Nougat, Pumpkin pie, Hot chocolate and few more depends on what inspiration I get from the food around me.
Three nuts Nougat covered in chocolate is also a fall winter favorite.

I have been thinking to try something with Miso, well I know sounds weird but if they use bacon in chocolate I think Miso is not that weird after all, right?
I rediscovered Miso few weeks ago, I wanted a Miso soup so I bought some light Yellow Miso and I ended up trying the dressing recipe written on the lid. Wow, I am totally addicted!
I use it everywhere, the real meaning of "Umami" I guess, I never thought about it. So I think well I am enjoying this so much because the savory addicting flavor, what if I make a chocolate with it?
I just bought some red Miso want to see the difference in flavor.
Well I hope this Holiday season is going to be a great one for everybody, we are going to keep it very simple and Homemade.

Enjoy the snow!