Monday, November 30, 2009

Time for a break!

After a year of little sleep and lot to do, I am in desperate need for a break. This Saturday my little one turns 1 year, we are celebrating his first B-day in Michigan with the paternal grandparents, or at lest the half of it!
I am so burned out mentally that I don't even feel like going anywhere even if that means vacation. But every parent knows that there is no real vacation, a resting vacation that is, with small children. We are leaving tomorrow and I am not even packed or even organized! I should have made more chocolates before the trip but not enough time, there is that small thing called "job" that often gets in my way, but it would really stinks if I didn't have that now would it?!
So I can't complaint, only vent. I seriously need a break to gather my thoughts, new ideas or even elaborate old ones, trying to figure out what I would like to do when I am all grown up! Ah! Ah! Ah!
Rigth now I don't feel like thinking, or planning or make decisions on how when and what, I just hope I can sleep a lot, don't do much and sleep some more, enjoy family, which doesn't happen often here, savor my father in law exceptional food and give my boys the chance to be the center of the attention and not have to deal with their tired boring parents for a change. Not that we don't try to be entertaining, but I guess working parents can only be entertaining so much.
I am also working on my website, I am hoping to be able to dedicate it more time to finish it and have all the features I need. I have to get some new pictures of the chocolates and the other confections, I would really love to pick a custom package with logo and all, but that could wait, if I can have the rest done its already a good start.
Well I am really looking forward to see my little one face when he'll sees the cake, and no I am not baking it!


  1. Ciao Vanny, sono Cippo, volevo fare tanti auguri al piccolo William! Vedo che sei impegnatissima e questo da una parte è positivo, dall'altra capisco il tuo bisogno di break, ma tieni duro, sei bravissima e quando mi capita di vedere le tue creazioni ne ammiro l'estro e la perfetta esecuzione. Con affetto

  2. Ciao Vanny, sono Cippo, tanti auguri al piccolo William! Vedo che sei impegnatissima e da una parte è positivo, dall'altra capisco il tuo desiderio di un break, ma tieni duro, sei bravissima ed ogni volta che vedo una tua creazione ne ammiro l'estro e l'esecuzione perfetta. Con affetto Letizia

  3. Ciao Letizia, Grazie!! Sei troppo buona. Spero che anche voi passiate un bellissimo periodo Natalizio. Io nel frattempo mi godo la mia famiglia che mi sta viziando per bene.
    Un abbraccio forte forte.