Sunday, November 22, 2009

Sunday's Breakfast: French Toasts

Ahh Finally Sunday. A day off from work and my chance to do what I like the most; Baking and making breakfast for my family.
Yesterday evening I whipped a nice batch of Challah from Hamelman book "Bread", I made few small modification to the recipe, since it is very forgiving and very very easy to execute. Honey instead of sugar and little bit more than the recipe calls for because I like it sweeter and butter instead of oil, in this case I didn't have any neutral flavored oil in the house. I breaded and instead of baking it in free form like I did the first time I tried the pan loaf method. It came out incredible, very tasty and the smell, oh the smell is enticing. The loaf shape works better for making French Toasts and sandwiches.

And there they are ready to be devoured. We used fresh Chantilly ( lightly sweetened whipped cream) instead of the butter and plenty of powdered sugar, some real maple syrup is very welcome as well. While I was eating I thought that some whipped butter would be great with the addition of maple syrup to make maple butter, instead of the Chantilly of course!
My husband asked me if this bread was hard to make and when I said that was incredibly easy he said "oh well make a bunch then I will eat it all!!" Ah.

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