Sunday, November 15, 2009

Seasonal Marshmallow Lollipos

I have already mentioned how much I love to make marshmallows.
I have decided to start producing Marshmallow Lollipops, in shapes and flavors related to each season. The first time I came out with marshmallow lollipops was for Valentine's Day show in Fort Collins and the lollipops went fast.
Best sellers I would say.
For this fall winter season I am making;
Pumpkin pie, Apple caramel, PB&J, Gingerbread and Mint.
Each flavor has its own shape and decoration. I think they are fun and yummy and easy pick for gifts or even stocking stuffer.

I will also offer single piece chocolate boxes, that are perfect as tree ornament, since they have a little loop to tie a string on for easy hanging, or stocking stuffer.

The chocolates collection is pretty much the same, but during the holidays I usually offer few different flavors such as;
Gingerbread, Mint Nougat, Pumpkin pie, Hot chocolate and few more depends on what inspiration I get from the food around me.
Three nuts Nougat covered in chocolate is also a fall winter favorite.

I have been thinking to try something with Miso, well I know sounds weird but if they use bacon in chocolate I think Miso is not that weird after all, right?
I rediscovered Miso few weeks ago, I wanted a Miso soup so I bought some light Yellow Miso and I ended up trying the dressing recipe written on the lid. Wow, I am totally addicted!
I use it everywhere, the real meaning of "Umami" I guess, I never thought about it. So I think well I am enjoying this so much because the savory addicting flavor, what if I make a chocolate with it?
I just bought some red Miso want to see the difference in flavor.
Well I hope this Holiday season is going to be a great one for everybody, we are going to keep it very simple and Homemade.

Enjoy the snow!

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