Thursday, June 2, 2011

Vagan White Chocolate

Chocolate making requires time, batch after batch, finding the right formula, the one that works for you, not an easy task, an expensive one too.
Rewarding as well.
This is the third batch of the white vegan chocolate. The first one was not quite right, the second I used a fermented soy milk powder, which I was very excited to try, but imparted a strong flavor to the chocolate, now the beauty of white chocolate it's neutral (most of the time) flavor that gives the chocolatier room to play with delicate flavors, this one is not one of those!
So back to the testing, since it takes over 12 hours to whip up a batch of chocolate, time is not on my side, so I had to do an overnight one. Set up everything right after I came thru the door from work, so it could be ready by 5:00 the next morning, in time for me to temper it and get ready for work.
This time I used a different formula and double the amount, because I need more to experiment with my chocolate vegan bars, I also used the organic non deodorized cocoa butter (Origin Peru'). One of my favorite chocolate is El Rey and they use undeodorized cocoa butter for their white chocolate, is one of the best white chocolate I have ever had (pre-vegan age :-)), it smells and taste like rain forest, hearty and luscious, definitely it can stands on its own! Anyway I would love to recreate a flavor close to that, that is why I am using the undeodorized cocoa butter. It might turned out it is too strong to stand without the dairy tones, and maybe the soy doesn't quite do the job, what I would like is to find a good rice milk powder (they mostly sell mixes) because I think it would e a good candidate.
For now I will keep experimenting.
Will do a testing this afternoon to see how this one turned out.
Cross fingers :-)

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