Sunday, June 19, 2011

Making vegan white chocolate, take 4

I am pretty sure this is my fourth batch of vegan white chocolate, anyway I think it gets better and better everytime :-) This one (still going into the melangeur) taste like one of my childhood white chocolate bar, haha, amazing how smells and tastes can bring back memories in a blink.
I am also working on vegan truffles and chocolates, since that was my original plan, to turn some of my non vegan old recipes into vegan one, and thats why I began making my own chocolate. Sarah Amorese at Piece, Love & Chocolate would love to have more vegan items for their store, so I am on a mission to create few flavors just for her, she is an amazing friend.
These are the trio I create this weekend, well my weekend starts today so potentially I have 2 more days to create few more, yeahhhh!

From Left to right, Vegan milk with vanilla and touch of cardamom, vegan white with chai spices, vegan milk with tahini and sesame seeds. My favorite is the vanilla one, it as a great aroma.

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