Sunday, March 14, 2010

Vegan Marshmallows anyone!? Yes this is the fifth attempt, thanks to David Soleil beautiful blog and book insight, several days spent reserching like a mad woman, reading labels, get acquainted with molecular Gastronomy, quite a bit of cash spent and failed experiments.
I am pleased with the result, but I think it needs little bit more work, they are slightly softer than regular marshmallows, I haven't had a vegan marshmallow before so I am not sure what kind of consistency I am aiming for. I am sure I shouldn't expect the same of a gelatin base marshallow though. I did ordered some of the vegan commercial ones to see how they are.
It is hard to let go of my marshmallows, the original one, as the recipe is almost fool proof, I have made so many different variations of flavors and texture and never had a problem with it, plus I do like the taste which is not too sweet and the consistency, especially when I let them dry a little bit. I will keep experimenting, the vegan marshmallow movement is getting big so I am sure soon we will have commercial vegan products to replicate the gelatin ones.
I have to say that these ones are wonderful, fluffy and slightly springy, they do melt well too.

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