Saturday, March 6, 2010

International Women's Day

March 8th is the international Women's Day. I am accustomed to celebrate it because in Italy is almost a national event. I have noticed though that in the USA is rarely acknowledged and I was wondering why.
Anyway as for any celebrations, events, holiday etc etc, unfortunately there is always the commercial part of, which I don't necessarily like.
I have decided since I haven't been able to celebrate this recurrence in a while, to donated to the WFP to support their worldwide effort to help fight hunger. The women work in this battle is essential and I feel we can make the difference as women, citizens of the world, mothers and fathers. I strongly feel for this cause the same way I feel for smaller causes, like Downsonthefarm, which is a local nonprofit organization operated by a wonderful, strong and courageous woman, doing what she believes can make a difference in others lives.
So I am throwing a challenge for this coming week, for everybody out there to find a way to make even a tiny difference in our and others lives, it doesn't matter how big or small, what it counts is that we don't forget the world out there.
Let's celebrate with actions.
Be the best we can be.


  1. Thank you so much for helping to fight hunger! If we all do a little, we can achieve a lot! We’ve shared the link to your blog post for others to read it at

    It would be an honour to have you as a Blogger Against Hunger! Please consider signing up? It would mean that during emergencies and campaigns you would receive a notification with a link to our toolkit with video, photos and facts to help you blog about the issue. And it would allow you to submit your posts, so that we don’t miss it and so that others can read it.

    Thanks again, Susanne Thörnqvist

  2. Thank you Susanne! I will go to the link right away. I am not the best writer but I would love to help the cause with whatever tools I have.
    Thank you for the wonderful work you do.

    Vanessa Dionne.