Sunday, March 28, 2010

Dairy free products?!

So I have turned vegetarian after few years, I used to be in my early tweenties. Now I am experimenting with recipes for my personal use but also for my products.
I have been posting about the gelatin free marshmallows, that finally turned out to be quasi perfect.
Now I am also experimenting with dairy free truffles. I am not sure if I am going to change my entire line of chocolates, but I would love to offer an alternative for people that dont eat dairy for different reasons.
Also the challenge of finding new alternatives and ingredients it always tickle my creativity. Yes I like to make my life a little bit complicated sometimes, but thats fun to do.
So here are my first dairy free dark chocolate truffles and gelatin free chocolate covered marshmallows.
I will leave some tomorrow (Monday, 29th) at Glacier homemade ice cream and Gelato in Longmont, to sample. Let me know what do you think :-)

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