Friday, February 5, 2010

Lots of requests, only two hands : -)

Well I need to thanks the journalists that had done such a great job highlighting me and my chocos.

The demand is been beyond my slightest idea and perhaps overwhelming to say the least.

I am really grateful  for all the compliments and the appreciation I am getting now days from the public, it was unexpected.

The only problem now is my production time, I still have the same schedule as I did before which it means limited extra time to make extra production.

So I just want to apologize if for any reason we are going to run out of chocolates (the Hearts Collection) in the next few days. I will eventually be able to take off from work (my day time job) later if things go well, but I can't really do that now.

After all is still an artisan production, everything is made by hand, the making, the cutting, the finishing and the packaging. It is a labor of love and it takes time.

Thank you very much : -)

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