Saturday, December 19, 2009

I see the light!

Ok ok, I might have been a tad pessimistic and a pinch freaked out, but I think today I see the light!
Yesterday after I got off from work I went to the kitchen and there I tried to relax and don't feel in a pinch. I like when I can take my time to create something, my chocolates are my art, my stress relief, well they are when I don't have a deadline anyway.
Well I worked passed midnight and I did manage to finish everything I had in my list, I am very proud and tired, but I am not done yet. Since I am still at work and will be for few more hours, I will have to go back after work and finish up everything. I really want to make sure the case is nice and full with all of those edible gems, make sure I don't disappoint anybody, I hate that.
After these holidays I need to have a plan for the next one, so I don't end up so stressed out, tired and what is most important, I don't leave anybody without chocolates!!

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