Thursday, November 11, 2010


November and the first snow came quickly, but this is Colorado and in two days we might have high temperatures in the 70's, so I am enjoying an extra day at home, listening to holidays music and watching the snow outside, while planning my weekend.
I have two or three new flavors in mind that i really want to add to the Holiday collection.
One is inspired by my recent Italian trip, Pistacchio! Those amazing italian pastries, I want to recreate that flavor to enjoy whenever I want to recall that memory and to share with all of my affectionate clientele, the wonderful Italian flavor.
The second is insipred by the "Washington Apple" drink, I had it a while back and fell in love with it. I want to reproduce it in a chocolate.
The third is something I have already made for a very limited time (actually only one batch was made, the Stranahans chocolate with the incredible Stranahans Colorado Whiskey, we are talking serious stuff here.
Also a spiced Latte chocolate, I enjoy my hot coffe in the morning and I like to add a little bit of pumpkin spices in it with a splash of cream, yum!
So I have the Holidays figured out, I will be working this weekend and the next couple to make sure we are ready.
The chocolates are sold at the Glacier ice cream & Gelato In Longmont 1749 N Main st, at the Cheese Importers 33 S Pratt Pkwy, longmont and of course online on our website
We can also provide party platters for your Holidays Party, just contact us with the details.

Have a great week.

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