Thursday, September 2, 2010


After a nice and well deserved rest, during the summer, I am ready to start the chocolate season with more energy, hopefully.

I have already started the production this week and I am confident that I will be able to have everything ready within a week or so.

Many of the flavors are available already at Glacier .

I will like to have the fall collection ready and aboundant before I leave for Italy this coming October. The website will be close for orders but the chocolates can be purchased at Glacier as usual.

I will have the Pumpkin pie, Stranahans, Latte and maybe a Grasshopper chocolate I am thinking of, and if anytime is left on my already busy schedule I might add the Smoked sea salt caramel.

As for the last year I am still working full time so my time is limited to what I can manage with a job, two small children and the chocolates, but I am confident that I will one day be immerse in chocolate full time. Till then I am trying to enjoy what I can do and dont get overwhelmed with what I can't.

Have a great week.

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