Saturday, September 26, 2009

New Flavors for the Fall

Between the first post and now, I have found a nice formulation for my peach chocolates. "Peaches & Cream". Colorado peaches Pate' de Fruit layered with a white chocolate vanilla ganache, dipped in Venezuelan dark chocolate. The result is a very nice flavor, that allows the delicate aroma of the peaches to come through and not be covered by the strong chocolate taste. The white vanilla ganache complements well with the peaches. I have also create a new Pear Cardamom Caramel chocolate. Colorado Pears Pate de Fruit, sweet and tangy at the same time, where the flavor of the pears is very prominent, paired with a Cardamom Caramel ganache, in my opinion a very good combination.

I have made these chocolates in the past but I wanted to give them a little extra and I couldn't decide between pear and caramel or pear and cardamom, so I used all of the above :-).
I have been playing with the idea of a Pumpkin caramel truffle as well, maybe presented in a pumpkin shape chocolate box (those are in the making). I will probably try them this weekend. I have roasted some sugar pumpkin and butternut squash and turned them into a luscious and very colorful puree', ready to go.

Still need to decide if I want a free from truffle, a cut or a molded one. Believe it or not there is a lot of difference between these three version. I personally prefer the cut type, where the ganache is firm yet creamy, cut into pieces and dipped in chocolate. The second would be the truffle, which in Europe is the irregular shaped one (hence the name) usually round, oval etc. Where the ganache is firmer so to be rolled and dipped. My least favorite is the molded one, or better, it really depends on the flavor. For example the Chai is great in the molded form but the Lavender has to be cut or a rolled truffle, for my taste of course. Way to be picky huh?

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