Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Colorado Peaches. Italian Summer

I usually miss Italy very much because all my family is back there. But summer time I feel even more homesick because Roman summers are incredible!

Long walks in the historic center, il Lungo Tevere, l'Isola Tiberina and a perfect end to enjoy it all, Grattachecca. Oh yes I do miss Rome especially in the Summer!

Another thing I miss a lot all year around is Food. Prosciutto, salame, all kind of cheeses, the incredible Pizza al Taglio that Rome is famous for and fresh fruits and vegetables.

So when I finally see Colorado grown produce at the market and farmers markets, like the Rocky Ford Melons, Pears and Peaches I get very exited and I cant wait to try new seasonal recipes.

Right now I have in mind a nice and smooth Peach pate de fruit, paired with some kind of spiced ganache, maybe a spiced dark rum or some Amaretto, since I remember my mom used to make some wonderful baked peaches stuffed with "Amaretti" biscotti, the combination is very nice and the almond flavor perfectly complements the peaches.

I have not been able to be in the kitchen this week and I am dying to go back and get to work .

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