Thursday, August 2, 2012

So you did! You made it all happen. I have to admit that I didn't realize how hard was going to be to put my self and my dreams out there, when I decided to launch out Kickstarter project. Now that is all over and successful, I am having hard time grasping the reality of what happened.
The enrober will be here soon, I have to make some space for it. My husband will be building my very own commercial kitchen, a small but functional place where I can finally express myself fully and without any limitation of time and space. I can finally work at my own pace.
It is going to be a learning curve, working with a machine I have never worked with before, I am so used of me doing everything by hand that I am sure it will take few trials and errors, but it is going to be exciting and fun!
There are few steps to take before the show's on the road, I am ready.
Packaging is almost done. Trade shows have been booked. Now it is only matter to go out and sell the products.
Again this couldn't have happened without the help and support of all of you that believed in me!

Forever Grateful <3 p="p">

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