Thursday, August 25, 2011

Restless mind!

My mind is indeed restless, especially when I am at work. The fact that I'm forced to spend eight hours in that place, makes me go crazy, but I also get lots of ideas, the problem is that I have to wait until I get out of work, before I can dedicate to them! I admit I have no patience whatsoever, and I feel restless and irritated when I have to postpone my experiments.
Today in  particular is one of those days, where my mind is in total creative state. I can't help it, it just happens. I have so many ideas I need to write them down otherwise I will forget few, or more.
As my business is reaching a point where I need to decide where to go, how to go about it and when, my ideas are getting in the way sort of speak. Too many new ideas are not necessarily a good thing. Instead I need to focus on what is already here and develop my plan further. My focus right now should be my vegan line, finalize it, make it real. Also my chocolates, as the line is already established and solid, I should keep on a steady production, the season is right behind the corner, and if I don't keep up, it will sneak on me, as it usually does. This year will be even harder as my personal life is getting busier and the full time job keeps getting in the way :-P.
I have few more things I would like to add, but it is just the time to create all the new things, that is escaping me right now.
Sometimes I wonder if that time when I would finally do what I love, without have to run, rush, and literally killing myself, will arrive. I mean I am the one that have to make it happen, but I am not alone, I have a family and responsibilities that can not be waived, not right now. The kids are still very young, our family need attention, I need to take care of myself as well, what good will it do to finally arrive where I want, and be totally exhausted.
Meanwhile I am doing what I can to keep on going, I am working really hard to keep all the ends together, I am only hoping not to drop any :-P

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