Friday, July 2, 2010

New Spark

What can I say about the past couple of months? That I haven't been myself, I haven't feeling well at all and everything around me took a different prospective. I had hard time seeing things clearly or just get excited about something, a new project or even everyday life.
I can not explain what happend I can only say I hope its over for good, because was scary, and still is, feeling or place to be.
I have been in the kitchen this week at Glacier (Longmont) picking up my production, the chocolates are selling well and the only reason it is slower is because I have decided to slow down, otherwise I could have been crancking chocolates at a faster pace every week.
It felt good to be back in the production line, I was dreading it for some reason because I am physically exahusted, but while in there immerse in thoughts and chocolate, I felt a new spark, a well known feeling I used to have all the time during the first few years with my chocolate madness fever. Then is not over I thought, I still like doing this, of course I do, it is my room with a view sometimes, its a breath of fresh air, its the spark I need to get going when everything else seem so stagnant and still.
New flavor, new something. Here at work I have been staring at this tea box in one of the mail box of one of my co-workers, it is one of the Celestial Seasonings tea, Vanilla Ginger Green tea. Wow I love vanilla (I always have a bunch of beans available, to use into everything I can think of, and make my own vanilla extract),Ginger is so refreshing and zippy and I like to have fresh ginger in the fridge just in case, green tea well that is going to be a tricky flavor to highlight with chocolate. I think it will have to be a white chocolate, I just don't see how all these delicate and unique flavors could stand against a dark chocolate, or an intense milk like the Venezuelan one I use. So white it is for now, I will experiment and report back and maybe have this flavor available soon at Glacier.
Until then have a great 4th of July and be safe.

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